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With state licensed engineers on staff, Bonus Electric offers
a full service engineering division with the ability to stamp our
own drawings. Our clients have the assurance and comfort that
is provided by the fact that we aren't just paying a licensed
engineer from another company who is completely unfamiliar
to the project to stamp our drawings. Bonus Electric owns and
stamps its own drawings. This ability says that we have acquired
all of the prerequisites, passed all of the exams, are licensed
and monitored by the state and are qualified to provide quality
electrical designs and stand behind them. Absence of this ability
should send a strong signal of alarm. We highly recommend to
all of our clients that they insist that whomever provides their
design-build services has the ability to stamp their own drawings
and doesn't simply outsource a "stamp-for-hire".

Whether the desired end result is code analysis, budget pricing,
guaranteed maximum pricing, permit documents, design-bid-
build documents or design-build documents, we can supply all
of your design needs. We are continuously adapting our services
and capabilities to meet the needs and requirements of our

Also, Bonus Electric always carries its own E&O and Professional
Liability insurances to provide our clients with the highest levels
of protection in the industry.